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About Allyson Ione

I'm a New York City based photographer covering the reggae scene since 1991. I have so many images I wish I could display here but there are too many. I selected a few based off of what was easy to reach at the moment. 

I started with a Minolta (35mm film), Canon (35mm film) then have been using the Nikon series since the digital era.

My favorite shots are candid, catching the person in action. That way I'm unobtrusive, I just blend in while capturing your moments. Posed shots are fine too because there's a time and place for it.

My favorite thing to shoot is inanimate objects. I love nature shots and product shooting

My works have been published in VIBE Magazine, New York Times, Daily News, Carib Life and many more throughout the years.

My works have carried me to various parts of the U.S., the Caribbean and the UK.

Although this site shows mostly reggae images, I also shoot at proms, babyshowers, christenings, sweet 16's and small weddings. In addition to anniversaries, birthdays from months old to 100 years old and counting. One day I will create a page and display all that's listed here.

My main objective is to tell a story with your pictures so that you can carry and share that moment with loved ones.




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